24 Dec 2019
Bangchak Delivers Happy New Year by Pegging Petrol Prices and Promoting Safety
24 Dec 2019
Bangchak Group Continues its Innovation-Driven Business Development, Social & Environmental Responsibility in Pursuit of Sustainable Growth as Thailand's Bioeconomy Leader
18 Dec 2019
Bangchak Group Welcomes Energy Minister's Visit
12 Dec 2019
Bangchak Helps Ease Air Pollution in Bangkok. All Diesel Products Offered Will Be Euro 5 Compliant, at the Same Price.
04 Dec 2019
Bangchak Group Embraces Environmental Care for Sustainability Yearend Activities Celebrate King Rama IX, World Soil Day, Thai Environment Day
29 Nov 2019
Bangchak Bags 3 Big Awards
27 Nov 2019
Bangchak Wins 2 Top Awards from SET Awards
26 Nov 2019
Bangchak Donates Hats Made from PET Bottles, Plants Trees in Honor of King
26 Nov 2019
Bangchak Campaigns for Waste Reduction
19 Nov 2019
Bangchak Launches "Sri Thararak 8" Oil Spill Response Boat.Equipped with skimmer system allowing the boat to start cleanup operations without being assisted by other vessels.
14 Nov 2019
Bangchak Supports Public Service Executive Development Program (PSED)
01 Nov 2019
Bangchak Wins Thailand Energy Award 2019
01 Nov 2019
Bangchak Group Bags Thailand Energy Awards 2019
23 Sep 2019
Bangchak is First Refinery Operator to Get Water Footprint Certification in Thailand
19 Sep 2019
Bangchak Continues Delivering Relief Items to Flood Victims
19 Sep 2019
Bangchak Wins Recognition at Joining Forces Against Global Warming Event
18 Sep 2019
Bangchak Celebrates 123rd Anniversary of Royal Forest Department with "Cup Recycling for Seedlings" Project; Encourages Customers to Donate Used Biodegradable Cups to Help Curb Plastic Usage
12 Sep 2019
Bangchak CEO Shares Experiences at Global Business Dialogue 2019
06 Sep 2019
Bangchak and Subsidiaries Join Forces against Corruption
06 Sep 2019
Bangchak Extends Caring Help to Flood Victims