Bangchak Gives Educational Opportunities for Thai Youth Development

05 August 2019

Mr. Chaiwat Kovavisarach, chief executive officer and president of Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, has recently led executives and staff of the firm in granting 706 Bangchak scholarships to children from schools/communities around Bangchak refinery, the Bangchak Football Club for youth, and also the Bangchak’s Virtuous Youth Project. The firm has handed out scholarships to students from primary education up to undergraduate level for 15 consecutive years already in the hope of giving educational opportunities to cash-strapped youth who have both good behaviors and academic performance. Such opportunities pave way for youth to further their studies, understand more about their duties, and develop themselves as quality members of the society becoming persons who can contribute to the nation in the future. The Bangchak Scholarship Project is one of various initiatives that Bangchak, which is now 35 years old, has implemented for public benefits. The scholarships have been granted in a ceremony in front of the Bangchak refinery this year.