Bangchak and Sirirattanathorn School Join Forces for Youth Development

12 June 2019

Mr. Yodphot Wongrukmit, senior executive vice president for corporate management and sustainability development of Bangchak Corporation Company Limited, and Sirirattanathorn School’s director Mrs. Bussabong Promjan have lately signed a memorandum of cooperation. Through the cooperation, the school enrolls players from the Bangchak Football Club for youth as its students so as to raise their educational opportunities while they are being equipped with sport skills. The cooperation promises to help young football players succeed in both academic studies and sports, enjoy active development of their potential, and build their reputation for football career in the future. The school and Bangchak will jointly monitor these children’s academic performance, sport skills, and behaviors. Players from the Banchak Football Club are accepted as Sirirattanathorn School’s students from the first semester of Academic Year 2019 onward. The school will sponsor their secondary education from Mathayom 1 to Mathayom 6 levels.

Bangchak has established the Bangchak Football Club for youth so as to encourage children living in its refinery’s neighborhood to spend their free time on sports or exercise. These activities can maintain their good health, keep them away from illicit drugs, foster their harmony, instill them with sportsmanship, and offer them opportunities to pursue greater sports skills. The Bangchak Football Club has fielded its team in many national competitions and achieved prominent recognition. By extending educational support, the Bangchak Football Club has created not just sports but also educational opportunities for its players.